107 Tournament Rules

Lakecliff Racquet Club
107 Tournament Rules

2 pt. Regular rally
10 pt. Volley Winner/Overhead Winner (must be clean winner)

General Info

  1. Teams are made up to 4 people with a max of 2 men. If you have someone injured or can’t make the tournament, then you can play with less players.
  2. The person that misses in the point will rotate out: not the team. The next person in line comes in. The team that wins the point stays in.
  3. If you hit the person and their racquet does not touch the ball, then that is considered a clean winner. You may not throw your racquet at the ball. The racquet must be in your hand!
  4. We will switch sides when one team reaches 50 points.
  5. Please designate one player on each team that keeps the score in case of a discrepancy.
  6. All Players must start on the baseline for each point.
  7. The feed will go to the team who won the previous point allowing the other team to rotate. The feed must bounce.

Registration and warmup will be 12:15-12:30. We need to start games at 1:00. Once the games start, there will be no warming up.